Optimization of an Integrated Lot Sizing and Cutting Stock Problem in the Paper Industry

Sônia Cristina Poltroniere, Silvio Alexandre Araujo, Kelly Cristina Poldi


Two important optimization problems occur in the planning and production scheduling in paper industries: the lot sizing problem and the cutting stock problem. The lot sizing problem must determine the quantity of jumbos of different types of paper to be produced in each machine over a finite planning horizon.These jumbos are then cut in order to meet the demand of items for each period. In this paper, we deal with the integration of these two problems, aiming to minimize costs of production and in- ventory of jumbos, as well as the trim loss of paper generated during the cutting process. Two mathematical models for the integrated problem are considered, and these models are solved both heuristically and using an optimization package. Attempting to get lower bounds for the problem, relaxed versions of the models also have been solved. Finally, computational experiments are presented and discussed. 


Integrated problems, cutting stock problem, lot sizing problem.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/tema.2016.017.03.0305

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