Effective Behavior of Nonlinear Microperiodic Composites with Imperfect Contact Via the Asymptotic Homogenization Method.

R. Décio Jr, L. D. Pérez-Fernández, J. Bravo-Castillero


The asymptotic homogenization method is applied here to one-dimensional boundary-value problems for nonlinear differential equations with rapidly oscillating piecewise-constant coefficients which model the behavior of nonlinear microperiodic composites, in order to assess the influence of interfacial imperfect contact on the effective behavior. In particular, a nonlinear power-law flux on the gradient of the unknown was considered. Several calculations were performed and are discussed at the end of this work, including a comparison of some results with variational ounds, which is also an important approach of this work.


Nonlinear composites; Asymptotic homogenization method; Imperfect contact.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5540/tcam.2021.022.01.00079

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