Numerical Study for Two-Phase Flow with Gravity in Homogeneous and Piecewise-Homogeneous Porous Media

Isamara L. N. Araujo, Panters Rodríguez-Bermúdez, Yoisell Rodríguez-Núñez


In this work we study two-phase flow with gravity either in 1-rock homogeneous media or 2-rocks composed media, this phenomenon can be modeled by a non-linear scalar conservation law with continuous flux function or discontinuous flux function, respectively. Our study is essentially from a numerical point of view, we apply the new Lagrangian-Eulerian finite difference method developed by Abreu and Pérez  and the Lax-Friedrichs classic method to obtain numerical entropic solutions. Comparisons between numerical and analytical solutions show the efficiency of the methods even for discontinuous flux function.


Conservation laws; finite differences methods; Lagrangian-Eulerian approach; two-phase flow; heterogeneous porous medium

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