Migration of TEMA journal servers and problems in the submission system

The management and article submission system of TEMA Journal was recently updated and migrated to new servers. In the past months, the previous system was presenting many instabilities, such as e-mail messages failures and loss of data, causing serious delays in the article evaluation process. Many papers stayed a long time without any response, since the editors were not able see them, and could not identify and resolve this problem.
An updated version of the system is still under testing, even so, after server migration, many problems were automatically solved. After the migration, it was possible for the editors to see the delayed articles and finally process them.
We kindly ask the users, specially the authors, a bit of patience in this transitional period. The editorial board is engaged in a task-force to overcome all the problems caused by the instabilities of the previous system, and soon enough, our Journal will be again fully operational.
In the mean time, users can already see a change in the system layout, which is undergoing an uniformization process of all published information.
The editorial board of TEMA Journal is at disposal of all users to help with any problems either caused by the previous system, or by the migration to the new one.
Antonio Castelo Filho - Editor in Chief
Fabricio Simeoni de Sousa - Executive Editor
On behalf of the editorial board.

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